Meera Art Academy

Meera's teachings continue through the hearts and minds of her Certified Teachers. Below you can listen to Meera's wisdom and insights through various videos where she expresses the beautiful gifts that happen within the souls of those who are adventurous enough to question, to explore, to play and break free from preconceived ideas and conditioning. Her trainings are experiential and abundant, opening you to your own life energy through painting, dance, celebration and meditation.


Enjoy watching Meera's insights into Art, Therapy and Meditation. These videos capture the essence of Meera's approach and her teachings.

Primal Painting

Primal Painting is the backbone of my teaching. Childhood issues, which are always connected to the relationship with one’s parents, are touched in almost all my workshops and trainings. In Primal Painting, we make it the main focus, taking a long, deep look at attitudes and feelings that we’ve kept locked way inside ourselves since we were very young. 

Everybody carries beliefs about themselves that were formed during those primal years, including all kinds of notions about one’s own creative abilities. Unfortunately, these beliefs are usually negative. It’s interesting for me to see that even therapists who have worked on childhood issues can easily say to me, “Painting? It’s not for me. I have two left hands!” Meaning, of course, they have no talent. So, our method is look within ourselves and see how such beliefs were adopted in the first place. 

In my workshop, it’s a two-way process: innocence helps you deepen your artistic capacity as a painter; and painting, as I teach it, helps you to re-experience what innocence is like. That’s the beauty of Primal Painting.
— Meera

There is a profound relationship between receptivity, innocence and meditation. In fact, the child-like space of innocence that I have referred to many times in this book can be more easily accessed through meditation than anything else. What is innocence? It is freedom from knowledge, freedom from preconceived ideas and attitudes. It is a clean, clear mind that is open to the freshness and the surprise that this moment brings.
I remember Osho saying, “Creativity is the fragrance of individual freedom.” To find your creativity, you must find your freedom and this is why meditation is an important element in my work. Meditation is the art of emptying the mind, of learning how to be silent and receptive. The mind may continue to chatter by itself, but you are not caught up in it. You are a witness, you can sit and watch the mind, just as you can sit and watch someone painting on your painting; without getting disturbed.

Painting in Nature

Painting the nature that surrounds us, we learn how to be natural and simple, just like the plants, trees and flowers. They are making no effort to be beautiful, but just through being themselves, not trying to be anything else, they radiate their natural beauty. 

Nobody is teaching a lotus flower how to be a better lotus flower. Nobody is teaching a pine tree how to grow taller and be better than the other trees. They don’t interfere with each other and yet they all somehow find room to express themselves in their natural splendour. 

Another way to develop rapport with nature is to explore ‘Dancing a Tree.’ It may sound odd, but if you try it, you will find it soon makes you intimate with nature, giving you the opportunity to become one with it. The exercise is simple: stand in front, or near, a tree of your choice let’s say, for example, you choose a bamboo. Tune into the bamboo and begin your dance, echoing its shape, reflecting its quality, mirroring its bending branches, its falling leaves…lose yourself in the dance and become the bamboo. When you sit down to paint the tree, your whole feeling about it will have been transformed.

My work is to help people remember that nature is abundantly rich, endlessly beautiful and continuously in flux...day turning into night, winter turning into summer, climates shifting, plants growing, flowers blossoming.... and it’s not just a mental understanding. On a deeper level, I want participants to feel, inside themselves, their own connection with nature. Through painting, they experience that they are part of it. 

Nature is offering us a spectacle of infinite variety, but most of it remains beyond our perception because we have too many fixed concepts. We have labelled everything: “This is a tree, that is a rose... this is alive, that is dead... this is beautiful, that is ugly....” 


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