Reawakening of Art

Reawakening of Art


This book is about the re-awakening of art and creative expression in everyone, together with a parallel growth in consciousness.

Once upon a time, art was used as a tool to express the state of meditation, a tool to come closer to oneself. There was a time when art was alive and creativity was walking hand-in-hand with ordinary life.

Unfortunately, those days are gone. In today’s over-specialized society, art is increasingly the exclusive reserve of professionals. It is no more an innocent and joyous act. Meera approaches the reawakening of art through offering painting trainings and workshops, waking peoples’ forgotten source – the creative impulse hidden in us all – which is ready to be freed at any moment.

This book simply is an invitation for the reader to examine: “What is creativity for me?” It is a doorway to rediscover what is original in you, which is nothing but your own individual expression of life’s ongoing dance.

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