PRE-ORDER NOW: Dancing into the Unknown

PRE-ORDER NOW: Dancing into the Unknown



"It’s a challenge to be human. It’s a challenge to live your life to the max, to explore and discover all the different dimensions of your own being. 

This book is part of the challenge. It’s an opportunity for people who want to explore art, therapy and meditation together, for people who are looking for their true identity through these three avenues 

My approach is essential and immediate. It’s not a gradual, systematic method. Either you transform yourself in this moment, or you don’t. And it’s always your choice, your freedom, to allow it, to encourage it, or prevent it. 

Most conventional methods of art therapy rely on an analytical approach. But the problem is that the more you analyze yourself, the more you move into the structure of the mind, and the mind has no exit, no way to get you out of the limitations imposed by your own personality. 

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