We cherish the memory of Meera and preserve her heritage by making her art available in different forms.

We choose the highest quality materials for every piece in this shop to make sure that they will stay with you and your loved ones for good and all.


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Meera’s collection of 20 years’ paintings meet with the poetry that inspired her heart and art.

A beautiful “coffee-table” book that will take you to a meditative journey through colors and words at their highest forms.

Listen its story from Meera: Blossoming



Consisting of six collections: Blossoming, Zen, Blue Moon, Nature, Cherry Blossom, and Night Blossom, each collection offers the highest quality prints of Meera’s paintings at different sizes.

For me, painting is a journey to your depth. When you touch the depths of your being, then whatever you paint will show the same depth.
— Meera Hashimoto

As I see it, if you give your love fully in what you do, you can include others as part of it and you can grow together.
— Meera, Reawakening of Art


Highest quality pure silk scarves is the most elegant and useful choice for carrying Meera’s unique expression to everyday life.



100% cotton duvet cover sets with Meera’s beautiful art invites you to a dreamland with full of inspiration and beauty.

Art is for people. Art is a prayer. Art is an expression of life.
— Meera Hashimoto

Painting, as I teach it, helps you to re-experience what innocence is like. When you are spontaneous, whatever is created is always beautiful, always perfect.
— Meera Hashimoto


Essentials to explore Meera’s unique vision and teachings on art, therapy, meditation and creativity. Also an opportunity to meet her directly through her own words and voice.