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Karakaya Painting Retreat:

This is a 5 day retreat to reawaken our creative potential and come in touch with both the inner and outer nature through painting, dance and meditation in the unique, magical setting of Karakaya on the Aegean Coast of Turkey.

For info and booking: info@karakayaretreat.com

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to Nov 10


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“Awakening your creative potential”



This course is based on the well-known artist and art-therapist Meera Hashimoto

who dedicated 40 years to develop this unique work dedicated to

Oshos´s vision.



In Meera’s own words:

”Painting can be a mirror to look deeply into yourself. When you paint with

awareness, whoever you are, whatever you are feeling in that moment, will

find expression on the paper, and be captured there, reflecting yourself

back to you. All that you need to do is stay open and watch.

In this way, through awareness of each moment, a revolution in

consciousness is possible, because the mind has no space to get into old

habits of commenting, judging, criticizing or instructing”

Quote taken from: . Re-awakening of Art, Meera Hashimoto



In this group we will explore our creativity and what hinders our uunlimited expression.

It is an experience of personal growth, meditation and painting while discovering our              true origin. Through play, dance and exercises based on primal painting, we will expand our creative expression into unfamiliar and new dimensions.

We will look into and unlearn what has been learned, we will take the freedom let go, unblock and free ourselves from the constraints and labels.

By active exploring, listening and simply observing, we get in touch with our original being and in that moment expression can happenwith total freedom, and without valuation,    

Then painting happens by itself out of no mind.

“Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you already are a
masterpiece. You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it”


This course is residential and it lasts for 6 days, 7 nights.


          Double rooms are available which includes three meals per day and coffee and tea.

          Limited Hostel accommodation.



Early booking is recommended as places are limited

If you have further questions or want to book, contact Gyan or Premraj :


+34 679075247





The course will take place as a retreat in a high standing villa on the island of Ibiza, very close to the town of Santa Eulalia del rio.

COORDINATES: https://goo.gl/maps/kX5SxVCGh1H2


The 450 sqm villa offers 6 large twin bedrooms, but with the ability to

transform the Prana Suite into a comfortable triple room. Four of these

rooms have their own private entrance doors from the courtyard whilst In

addition to the main house, we have a guesthouse with 2 bedrooms, a

private bathroom & kitchen.


13 participants in the main house + 4 participants in the guesthouse

All the bedrooms have that country chic feel to them.


With its lush tropical gardens-fragrant fruit trees, water features, swimming pool and fish pond, the house and grounds are the perfect place to enjoy your retreat.There are plenty of areas where you can enjoy some ’me time’.The much loved porch, overgrown with lilac wisteria in the summer, iswhere you can sit and read while overlooking the large private pool and take in the delights of the beautiful gardens.






Arriving November 3rd for dinner. Starting on 4th at 8:00h with “Dynamic

Meditation” Until November 10th after breakfast.

CONTENT: Primal Painting, Dancing Painting, Black & white, Moving into form.



Arriving November 10th for Dinner. Starting November 11th at 8:00h with

“Dynamic Meditation” Until November 17th after breakfast.





Much Love! Premraj, Gyan & Anando.

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to Nov 17


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"the birth of creativity"

-open studio-


Arriving November 10th for Dinner. Starting November 11th at 8:00h with “Dynamic Meditation” Until November 17th after breakfast.


Nature Painting, Black & White ( Light & Darkness ) Open Studio.

Mostly after all painting groups we go "ohh .. am just starting to paint".

This group is exactly fore those who want to dive deep in painting. There will be a loose structure but you are free to participate to whatever suits you in the moment. This group will be really fun and like a true old times Meera painting training.(without art therapy).             We will dance , paint , sing ,swim, and go on paint excursions to amazing spots of the Ibiza Island.



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Primal Painting in Italy
to Sep 2

Primal Painting in Italy

at Osho Miasto in Italy

These courses are continuation of Meera's work, inspired by her clear vision of meditation, painting and therapy, developed through continuous spiritual quest and total devotion to Osho.

Among the courses she created “Primal Painting” is the master key to original expression. Everybody longs for original and authentic expression and yet so few people allow this magical experience in their life. There are so many erroneous beliefs on creativity and on so called artists. We don’t realize that by trying to be somebody, we are going far away from our authenticity. In this group our approach is from the opposite end, how to unlearn what we think we know and learn how to be playful and spontaneous.

Creating one’s own being is the priority. 

Different methods like:

  • sensory-awareness

  • bioenergetics

  • dance

  • meditations

are used daily.

Once one gets in touch with one’s own energy source, painting is just a reflection of joy and innocence.

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Creativity for kids & Parents in Italy
to Aug 28

Creativity for kids & Parents in Italy

At Osho MIASTO in Italy

With Svagito, Sahaja, Ojas

Meera is suddenly gone, but she is still here with us, in the depth of our hearts. In line with her vision her work will continue.

Her workshops will continue in Miasto, first of all the work with children and parents "Creativity and Innocence", where in addition to her team of historical assistants, Svagito will also be present, an expert in Family Constellations, who for many years has coordinated the Osho Therapist Training in Pune, India.

These workshops are dedicated to her and her generosity for giving us a vision so clear about meditation, painting and therapy developed through constant spiritual quest and a total devotion to Osho.

This group is designed to bring love and awareness into family life.

The parents and the children sharing the space of creativity is so precious. By painting with children you will remember the forgotten language of spontaneous expression.

What Osho calls Creativity is not coming out of your mind but out of joy and innocence. And once you bridge to this innocent space in you, you will bridge to the very heart of your child.

We dance, we play and we meditate.

So come and join the caravan of Osho Love, playfulness and, Osho Life in Miasto where you can taste of osho's work directly.

Children can join the group along with parents, relatives or teachers.

Location: Osho Miasto contact: oshomiasto@oshomiasto.it

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OSHO Art Therapist & Painting Meditation Training
to Aug 5

OSHO Art Therapist & Painting Meditation Training

12 days Art Therapist and Painting training in Amalurra, in the heart of the Basque country Spain. This is the longest such training in Europe this year and an opportunity for total immersion in Primal Painting, Self Portrait and Nature Painting over two weeks. A chance to reconnect with the childlike innocence of the being through painting, meditation and group work. The first week gives us the space to reconnect with ourselves and our own creativity and in the second week we experience our inner and outer nature by painting outside in the beautiful orchard, woods and gardens of the Amalurra community. A unique chance to participate in a training event presented by facilitators and staff who worked with Meera over many years.

The training is presented in English with Spanish translation provided


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Meera Art Exhibition in Germany
to May 27

Meera Art Exhibition in Germany

Painting Exhibition and Events on Creativity and Self Expression


Blaues Haus, Prinz-Ludwig-Str. 23

86911 Diessen am Ammersee

May 25 – 27, 2018


Organised by Meera Art Foundation, Munich, together with Tanzstudio Ammersee

The exhibition is open daily from 10 am to 9.30 pm. Free Entrance.


In addition one can join the following events:

Friday, May 25

10 – 12 am:

Opening: Awaken Your Creative Potential with Svagito Liebermeister

Using systemic constellations and somatic experiencing we gain insights about what is preventing

us to live our creative potential and how to overcome such hindrances.

2.30 – 5 pm

Breathing, Moving and Painting with Viramano Wermund

Relax into your true self, play with colours and meet the innocence and curiosity of a child.

5.30 – 6.30 pm

Kundalini Meditation

8.30 pm

Multimedia introduction of the work and art of Meera Hashimoto (free entrance)

Saturday, May 26

10 – 12 am

Dance and Creativity – Dancing from Inside with Chetan Karla Bosak

Through dance we will explore our creativity and aliveness.

2.30 – 5 pm

Portrait Painting – Meet Yourself in the Other with Sahaja Kunkunate (Italy)

We paint an energy portrait of another person. In the mirror of the other we meet our own inner

beauty and uniqueness.

5.30 – 6.30 pm

Kundalini Meditation

From 9 pm

Dance Party with Chetan and team (free entrance)

Sunday, May 27

10 – 11 am

Satsang Meditation with Live Music

Afterwards breakfast brunch in the Blaues Haus Café

12.30 am – 2.30 pm

Appreciating the Unknown: Creativity that does not come from the head

with Svagito Liebermeister

With some excercises and guided meditations we find our ’yes’ to life. We learn about let go and

how to open to unknown and sometimes painful challenges (personal questions are welcome).

3 – 5 pm

The River of Life with Viramano Wermund

In a meditative way we will experience the difference between swimming against the river or

drifting in the stream. Accordingly we will feel either exhaustion and frustration or joy and


5.15 pm

Ending and Acknowledgements


Per event: € 30

Satsang: € 10

Kundalini Meditation: € 5

Day price: € 50

For 3 days: € 120

Donations are welcome and will be credited to the Meera Art Foundation.


Information and booking (appreciated):

Chetan Karla Bosak, Tanzstudio Ammersee:

Tel +49 8144 989918 und +49 170 2962736 / chetan-tanz@t-online.de

Doris Schneider, Meera Art Foundation:

Tel +49 179 1490273 / schneiderdoris@t-online.de

For visitors who wish to stay overnight there are various hotels available in Diessen am Ammersee

or nearby.

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Primal Painting in Taiwan
to Apr 22

Primal Painting in Taiwan

Everyone has a longing to create and express their own uniqueness. For many this is a secret wish that we never act out. Our heart is always there to remind us of the other side of our nature perhaps a wild, unique, and playful side that longs for expression. Once this creativity is released it finds its way into every aspect of our nature and in every act of our being.

During these 3 days we look at the basic psychology of creativity and removing those blocks that prevent us from expressing out authentic self.

We use a process of working with people, therapy, painting, dancing, self-enquiry and meditation all in an atmosphere of spontaneity and playfulness. Painting on the floor with acrylic paints and water we experiment with our own individuality and connection to creativity.

For more information in Chinese click on the link below


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Cherry Blossom Painting in Japan
to Apr 19

Cherry Blossom Painting in Japan

Art Therapist Training held in Noto for the last 10 years has always been one of Meera’s most favorite trainings. This year the training will be presented by 3 facilitators and Svagito with the help of the team of people who have been supporting the work for many years. All three facilitators have been supporting Meera for years and deepening their meditation and creativity. Svagito is Meera’s partner and a world-famous therapist.

Obviously, the focus of the Noto training is nature painting under the fully bloomed cherry trees. This time of the year is very special when mystery of nature is revealed with its life energy bursting into flowering. There, essence of meditation and creativity will be overflowing.


When you paint with meditation, what you have in front of you is not just nature, but a master who reveals to you mystery of existence. For that, you will prepare yourself with active mediations, dance, and therapy work. Also, you will experience primal painting, black and white painting in darkness, painting with small papers, etc., through which, along with other exercises, you will explore your essential nature inside. 


Facilitators are Henna, Bhaven and Tosho. Henna was with Meera for more than two decades and has established reputation for her self-portrait work. Bhaven graduated from the same art university as Meera and has been exploring his own art as well as working with Meera for many years. He facilitated art groups in Pune. Tosho facilitated part of Pune training this year and is a translator of “Reawakening of Art” written by Meera.

This will be a unique training where 3 facilitators will share their own individualities and experiences to present Meera’s work in its multidimensionality.

Along with us, Svagito, who was Meera’s partner and is an expert of various kinds of therapy work such as family constellation, star sapphire and was a coordinator of OSHO therapist training in Pune for years, will join us as a guest and will share his understanding and experiences.


The place training will be held is Noto, Ishikawa prefecture which is located in the northern middle part of Japan. The hotel is located on a hill overlooking the sea. It has hundreds of cherry trees in its backyard. Luckily not so many people visit the place even during the time of cherry blossom and it is virtually left only to us to enjoy its full beauty. The hotel welcomes us with its gorgeous meals prepared with local, fresh fish and vegetables. It also has a natural hot spring.

For details, please click the link below.

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to Jan 29


Ordinarily, Nature Painting means a direct translation of nature into colors and forms. In this approach, painting of nature is like a bridge from the is-ness of nature to your being.

As we sit in Zazen, so we sit around Buddha Grove with paper and colors:
Like a sculptor taking away the unnecessary parts of the stone to reveal a unique piece of art, this process is a strong confrontation with one’s conditioning.

True art has nothing to do with technique, but with returning to a sparkling innocence inside. Sitting silently around Buddha Grove will encourage you to find this precious space within, and out of this space painting is pure joy.

A 3-Day Course - the fourth component of the 21-Day OSHO Meditative Art Intensive


  • Jan 27 - 29, 2018 ~ Meera Team with Tosho, Ojas and Premraj
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to Jan 24


Dance and painting are both expressions of our creative life force.
Dance gives painting more movement, and painting gives dance more color and depth.

Painting on a big sheet of paper on the floor allows you freedom to express yourself in a new way, different from conventional methods. 

Take this invitation and you will connect with your body, with your joy, with your meditation.

A 3-Day Course - the third component of the 21-Day OSHO Meditative Art Intensive


  • Jan 22 - 24, 2018 ~ Meera Team with Tosho, Ojas and Premraj
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to Jan 19


Face yourself, moment to moment, while discovering or deepening your painting skills. 

Doing a self-portrait is a powerful experience, and at the same time a healing. Where you may have learned to look away from yourself, you will end up embracing and welcoming yourself with open arms. And you come into deeper touch with your natural, original being.

Side by side you will learn to paint the beauty of the human figure in dance.

A 3-Day Course - the second component of the 21-Day OSHO Meditative Art Intensive


  • Jan 17 - 19, 2018 ~ Meera Team with Tosho, Ojas and Premraj
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Meditation Through Creativity Painting: Awakening Your Potential
to Jan 14

Meditation Through Creativity Painting: Awakening Your Potential

The healthy inner child in us never dies. We have “buried” this child alive under our conditionings and teachings we received.

We will put a spot light on the wounded child inside us, who had to decide to stop expressing itself fully in order not to get hurt again and again. You can't separate expression and life.
In this course we will say YES to the healthy child and embrace our wounded child inside us.

Painting on the floor and splashing color and water will give you the remembrance of the innocent and healthy child living inside you.

A 3-Day Course - the first component of the 21-day OSHO Meditative Art Intensive


  • Jan 12 - 14, 2018 ~ Meera Team with Tosho, Ojas and Premraj
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Meditative Art Intensive in India
to Feb 1

Meditative Art Intensive in India

A 21-day intensive that combines art and art therapy.
It is about much more than learning technical painting skills: you will also experience how with deepening one’s meditation, painting skills follow like a shadow.
While you will be able to enjoy your creative process, at the same time that creative process will be used to look at and deal with your life issues. No other medium can penetrate so directly to our unconscious as a picture does.

For a detailed description of the components, see: 
Painting: Awakening Your Potential Jan 12 - 14, 2018
Self Portrait: Mirroring of Your Being Jan 17 - 19, 2018
Painting Your Dance: The Birth of Creativity Jan 22 - 24, 2018
Nature Painting Jan 27 - 29, 2018

An Exhibition and Performance is scheduled on 31 January - 1 February 2018.

A 21-Day Intensive - Can be all included in your Multiversity Plus Living In Program


  • Jan 12, 2018 - Feb 1, 2018 ~ Meera Team with Tosho, Ojas and Premraj
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Meera Painting Training Amalurra, Spain
3:30 PM15:30

Meera Painting Training Amalurra, Spain

At the end of the first week of the Meera Painting Training we did a celebration for Meera, where we let go of some of her ashes into the little creek, where she used to paint. It was so touching and so beautiful to be in Amalurra and paint there with all those loving people. Sahaja, Ojas, Premraj and Tosho did a great job in leading the course and the helper team was also phantastic, just like everyone gave his best. I feel so grateful about the way it all happened.
Every year the trees waited for Meera to come and paint them. Now they will not need to wait, she is always around and so many beautiful souls will continue to paint them.
(All photos thanks to Bodhitara!)

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Painting Workshop in Oslo & Denmark
3:30 PM15:30

Painting Workshop in Oslo & Denmark

After a presentation in Oslo I was actually leading my first half day painting workshop at Osho Risk, Denmark. I can't believe that I even did a small painting demonstration. Meera must have giggled behind my back. I used to be in the audience in her Demos, now she was in the audience with a big smile!
It all went so well and people were so beautiful. Maybe I will drop being a therapist from now........

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