Meera Life Celebration in Japan

待望のミラの著書「Re-Awakening of Art」の日本語版がいよいよ出版されます。
それにともないOEJ Books主催の出版記念イベント&セレブレーションが開催されます。
●ミラの著書「Re-Awakening of Art」 日本語版出版記念
●一般社団法人ミラ アート協会 設立記念
●ミラ アートチームのパフォーマンス

“Understanding that this life is a gift, you step into death with a marvelous heart. Because if you live your life entirely enthusiastically and enthusiastically, you can smile very gently and die.”

— Meera


Meera's book "Re-Awakening of Art" Japanese version publication commemoration ● Commemorative corporation corporation Meera Art Association establishment commemoration ● Meera event by Svagito ● Meera art team performance ● Music celebration !!! October 21, 2017 (Saturday) Part 1: 14 o'clock - 17 o'clock (opening: 13: 30) Part 2: 17: 30 - 20: 30 Participation fee: 3,000 yen

Application for participationOn February 21, 2017, Ma · Anand Meera left her body. 
It was a sudden accident at the sea in South Africa. 

Well, I plan to publish Meera's book in OEJ Books in 2017 and I was looking forward to seeing you again in March. As a result, I could not believe in my sudden sadness, I was surprised to think that it was Meera's joke again. 

From Meera 's long partner Svagito, I received a story that Meera wants to continue work on Meera after his death. 

In addition to promoting the publication of Meera's meditation art as it is, in addition to trying to protect and manage Mira's past work and so on, to succeed her will to convey the activities and messages In order to establish a foundation in Germany and Japan, I decided to establish a foundation. 

We are planning to hold an event in commemoration of publication of Mira 's book in Japan and establishment of Meera art Association of the general corporation in this time. 

For this event, Svagito is coming to Japan, the sharing of Meera's artworks by Svagito, the performance by Meera's art group team, guidance on the establishment of the Meera art Association of the general corporation, music celebration by musicians, etc. . 
Please join us.



13 : 30 Opening Part 1 14: 00 ~ 17: 00
14: 00 ~ Meera's presentation and workshop by Svagito
Performance by Meera Art Team
17: 00 ~ Break

Part 2 17: 30 ~ 20: 30
17: 30 ~ Publication report
Milla Art Association Inauguration Report
Sharing of activities from the future Meera Friends
18: 30 ~ Light snack party (Bringing welcome) 
19: 00 ~ Music celebration 
20: 30 ~ End

21 : 00 Closure In
This event we introduce a new Meera book and provide a taste of her work, artistic and creativity vision. Meera who left the body recently left a huge heritage, but all of us can benefit from that gift. 

Osho picked herself a lot of her paintings, bound her own books and instructed her to teach art groups and training. She practiced it over the past 40 years. She truly understood the essence of Osho's vision, materialized it and put it into practice. She had the ability to tell people in Osho's message of joy, love, and creativity in a very unique way that only a few people can do.

She has transformed the lives of many people and helped people discover their creative potential and love for life and meditation. Her work continues to inspire others by paintings, DVDs and books. These works are now available in Japanese with OSHO Art Unity with the cooperation of Gatasanza. 

At this event there is a slide of Meera's picture and a video show, there is presentation of her book and demonstration of painting by Mira's long-time assistant. 

Meera loves some flowers growing in the wild in India and I enjoyed drawing this flower. She often explained that this flower is preparing over a year for the flowering of only one day.


Schedule Saturday, October 21, 2017

Time: 14: 00 ~ 20: 30 ※ Opening 13: 30
Venue Tokyo Shinagawa 
Expenses 3.000 yen (The same fee for participating from any part) 
Capacity 50 people
Lecturer Svaugito & Mira Art Team
※ Anyone can participate. ※ Clothes are free. 
☆ It is a reservation system. Please make your reservation, please come.

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