BOOK LAUNCH! Meera's Osho Painting and Art Therapy book is here!

Meera's new book finally landed here in Pune just a day following the last of a series of meditative art workshops facilitated by the team who have worked by her side for many years... and just in time for Svagito's departure.

Yesterday we celebrated a beautiful event attended by many of those who loved and valued her work around the world. Svagito read passages from her book and words too from those whose lives she had touched and changed through her training courses. Her energy and presence was felt by all, through her words, in the breeze in Koregaon Park and in everyone's laughter at a glorious account of her zen-style ability to break through conditioning to the source of creativity!

Svagito also talked about the setting up of Meera Art Foundation and it's commitment to the preserving her art and her work in meditative art therapy to benefit generations to come.

There was cake and tea and friends meeting and joining together in celebration of Meera, her life and all that she gave.