Meera Art in Silk

Beloved friends, 
here you see a selection of the silk scarfs and duvet covers with Meera's paintings on it. You can order now from the site:
(They will arrive in time for any Christmas present, if you do that!)
It is a joy to sleep in Meera's painting or have them around your neck!
"I feel that everything I received from Osho is coming closer and closer to my expression in the paintings I create.
It is painting without effort...
It's not dead. It's alive, throbbing with energy and life. I'm so excited that sometimes I can't sleep because I want to get up early in the morning and paint. Each day is filled with a sense of newness. Each day, I'm intrigued by the discoveries I make as I throw myself into the unknown...
Paintings coming out of this approach are a surprise to my own eyes, and I want to bow down to every new painting that is born in front of me. In such moments, I feel the significance of being alive, and if I can share this thrill with others, so they can make their own unique footprint on this earth, giving birth to their own creativity, then I am most happy."