The Meera Art Foundation is a non-profit and common interest foundation that was founded by Svagito Liebermeister after Meera left her body unexpectedly in a tragic accident in February 2017.

The purpose of this foundation is to preserve the art and paintings of Meera Hashimoto for future generations, to make her work available through exhibitions all over the world and to support artists, who work in the field of meditative art.

Meera was a very unique individual, a painter and artist since early childhood on one hand and an art therapist on the other, who could help people to find themselves and their own authentic creative expression in life. She had an immense love for beauty and for people and not only did she create thousands of paintings in various styles in her long career, she also created and was part of many art communities since 1976 and was conduction painting courses and art therapy trainings all over the world.

After coming to the enlightened Master Osho in 1976, her way of painting changed drastically and many of Osho’s books are illustrated with her art work.





Svagito Liebermeister


Meera left with us so many gifts and her paintings are an expression of her joy and love for Osho and meditation. She would be most satisfied if they could bring a glimpse of happiness and silence into the hearts of those who look at them. This and the discoveries she made while working with people, is her legacy and all those who are part of and support this foundation are keeping this vision alive.

“ I feel Meera put into practise Osho’s message of living one’s life joyfully, totally and passionately. In my view she translated Osho’s message of joy, silence and love into visual art, which is why her paintings are so alive, multidimensional and give you a taste of no mind. They need to be preserved for the future humanity.”


Anurakti S. Soell


Anurakti oversees all aspects of the Meera Art Foundation including administration, accounting, team liaison and business development. She will be happy to respond to any inquiries concerning the Meera Art Foundation.

“Since I saw Meera’s Painting Training 2005 in Pune for the first time, I was in awe about the way Meera was guiding her courses and trainings. She was so alive, spontaneous and inspiring. All these years I wanted to participate in one of her painting workshops, but missed the chance to work with her personally. When I finally joined the Painting and Art therapy training led by the Meera Art Academy team, it was a touching and life-changing experience for me. I discovered my love for painting and that I could bring much more joy and enthusiasm to my life.

The Meera Art Academy Team really carry on Meera’s fire and spirit to help people to discover their creativity, joyfulness and innocence.

I feel very honored to be able to work for the Foundation and in this way help to keep Meera’s vision and message alive.”


Angela Spink


Angela is our Creative Marketeer. This website was made by her with love and the intention of supporting those who wish to experience freedom, meditation and the joy of creativity through Meera's legacy.

"It has been my pleasure and privilege to work with Meera and to learn from her infectious spontaneity and joy for life. The courses she created have touched and changed my life and the biggest gift I received was the mirror of what it truly means to live life with totality and the freedom of self expression without fear or self-censoring... "


Premendra Wuerzburger

Art Manager

It is with deep appreciation of Premendra's love of Meera and her Art that we are able to offer you Meera's work in print. In his words, "It took me considerable time to find out how to translate the subtle vibrations, the energetic details, the depths of the colours, the complex play of light and shade into print technological know-how, so as to come as close as possible to the original". The close friendship between Premendra and Meera goes back many years. For him, Meera’s art is directly connected to Osho, for in her entire oeuvre she expresses Osho’s vision.

The purpose of this website

Besides giving information, the purpose of this website is to create a forum for people to ex-change information about activities of the foundation and related institutes, to document past activities and inform about future activities.

We wish to create a network of friends of Meera and her work.

Purpose of the foundation:

1. The purpose of the Meera Art Foundation is the promotion and implementation of the following non-profit areas:

  • the promotion of art and culture and the implementation of related activities
  • the promotion of an attitude of tolerance in all areas of culture and art

2. The purpose of the company is to be realized in particular through the promotion and direct implementation of:

  • the creation of a collection of paintings of the painter Meera (Kazue Hashimoto)
  • the preserving those paintings for the future and make them accessible for the public.
  • the presentation of the above mentioned collection of paintings and in the organisation of exhibitions of this, with the aim of also a permanent exhibition..

Meera's paintings will be displayed in exhibitions and events at locations in the world where she worked. In addition, museums in Japan and Europe shall be contacted to exhibit Meera's paintings.

In addition and according to the resources of the company young artists and students from Meera shall be supported in their creative work. The promotion is for a certain period of time to gain financial independence and freedom for their artistic work and their work with groups.


3. The company achieves its purpose both operationally and through giving support. The purpose stated must not all and not in the same amount be realised.



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