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Meera Art Academy Event & Exhibition @SAND, Italy
to 4 Jul

Meera Art Academy Event & Exhibition @SAND, Italy

We will have a Meera Art Academy exhibition and event led by Svagito Liebermeister at July 3-4, 2019 at SAND Gathering in Italy, Orvieto.

During the event, there will be some guided meditation, playful exercises and we will also see a video of Meera’s work and a display of some of her paintings—of whom many had been chosen by Osho to illustrate his books.

Svagito Liebermeister


Svagito Liebermeister is a spiritual teacher and psychotherapist who travels every year to more than 15 countries holding courses and training programs in Family Constellation, Counseling, Trauma Healing and Male-Female Energywork. He holds a degree in psychology from Munich University and has been teaching for more than 30 years and trained hundreds of practitioners worldwide in the art of working with people. Since 1980 Svagito has also been a disciple of the Indian Mystic Osho and has been practicing a wide range of mediation techniques, which are the foundation of his work. For many years he coordinated the Osho Therapist Training Program at the International Osho Meditation Resort in Pune, India, one of the largest personal growth centers in the world. Svagito published three books that have been translated into 9 languages: The Roots of Love. A Guide to Family Constellation The Zen Way of Counseling- a meditative approach to working with people Osho Therapy- a compilation on therapy and meditation

About the SAND Gathering

For more information about the SAND Gathering, Italy visit:

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Meera Art Exhibition and Workshops: Japanese Spring
to 2 Jun

Meera Art Exhibition and Workshops: Japanese Spring

meera flyer 2019 engl (1).jpg


Warmly welcome to the second edition of annual Meera Art Exhibition in Munich, Germany!

Since 2018, around Meera’s birthday, we celebrate her art and teachings through this rich event in Munich, Germany. During four days, Meera’s art will be exhibited in different forms of visual arts and various workshops around painting, family constellation and meditation will be held.

The theme for this year is “Japanese Spring”. Throughout the event, visitors will have the chance to savour a beautiful atmosphere, art, music and Japanese tea as in harmony with the theme.

The exhibition is open to everyone and free of charge. There will be a participation fee for all workshops and meditations. Please see detailed information on the Workshop Program sheet below:


Herzlich Willkommen zur Meera Art Exhibition in München!

Wie schon im Jahr 2018 möchten wir auch dieses Jahr, in der Zeit um Meera's Geburtstag, ihre Bilder und Kunst in München zeigen und ihre Arbeit als Kunsttherapeutin präsentieren. 

Passend zum Thema “Japanischer Frühling” wird die Ausstellung vor allem verschiedene Bilder und Interpretationen der blühenden Kirschbäume in Japan zeigen. Meera kreierte hunderte von Bildern unter den Kirschbäumen - in voller Blüte und Farbenpracht, bei Nacht und Mondschein in wunderschönen Blautönen, jedes zeigt eine andere Stimmung und Energie. 

Zusätzlich finden während der viertägigen Ausstellung unterschiedliche Workshops und Meditationen zum Thema Malen, Tanz und Kreativität statt - die als Gesamtpaket oder einzeln gebucht werden können. (Informationen zum Workshop-Programm siehe Flyer)

Die Ausstellung ist täglich zu den folgenden Zeiten geöffnet (Eintritt frei)

Do. 30.05: ab 20.00 

Fr.   31.05:      12.00 – 14.30      18.00 – 20.00   und ab 22.00

Sa.  01.06.:     12.00 – 14.30      18.00 – 20:00   und ab 21.30

So.  02.06.:     12.00 – 16.00

Wir freuen uns, Euch zu sehen und mit Euch gemeinsam die wunderschöne Atmoshpäre, Kunst, Musik und einen japanischen Tee zu genießen!

The event location/venue 

Atelier Benad

You will find the event location (Atelier Benad)  at a very beautiful square in Munich: the Bordeauxplatz in the historic district of Haidhausen. Listed rows of historic buildings, countless restaurants and cafés, the German museum, the beer garden on the Wiener Platz, the Philharmonic hall, the Isar (river) meadows and much more within easy walking distance: a traditional urban environment that inspires artists creation!



Wörthstraße 22

81667 München

The venue is located in the inner city of Munich in the area Haidhausen (“French Quarter”), in close proximity to the “Ostbahnhof” (Station), with all Munich subway lines (S-Bahn) and many buses, trams (short-distance) and many long distance trains.

For visitors who wish to stay overnight there are different hotels and hostels close to the venue:

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Meera Art Exhibition in Istanbul
to 23 Dec

Meera Art Exhibition in Istanbul

You are invited to come and explore the unique creative expression of the Japanese artist and Art Therapist, Meera Hashimoto, for the first time here in Istanbul. 

There will be an event on Saturday evening (starting at 20.00) hosted by Svagito, where we will get together to celebrate Meera’s lifetime work. She has touched so many people’s lives by helping them open up to their own creativity through her unique approach in Art Therapy which combines art and meditation. She still continues to touch people through her paintings which are so alive and invite one to be here and now, in joy, celebration and silence. We will have the opportunity to watch a video compilation of Meera, painting and working with people through many years.

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Celebrating Life: Meera Art Exhibition and Workshop in Israel
to 1 Dec

Celebrating Life: Meera Art Exhibition and Workshop in Israel

The understanding that life is a gift, gives you the ability to walk toward death when the heart is intriguing because if you lived your life to the end, passion and intensity, you die peacefully, Saturday laughter resting on your lips
— Meera Hashimoto

In this workshop we will use Meera's insights on how to bring the creativity, spontaneity and innocence hidden inside you out into the world. During the exhibition there will be a slide presentation and a video presentation of her work by Svagito and a presentation of her paintings. 

The exhibition will be accompanied by a conversation and a multimedia presentation by Svagito at the opening event, and on Friday, November the 30th, a painting workshop will be held according to Meera's vision.

On the last day of the event, Svagito will lead a day-long Family Constellation workshop.

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Meera Art Exhibition in Germany
to 27 May

Meera Art Exhibition in Germany

Painting Exhibition and Events on Creativity and Self Expression


Blaues Haus, Prinz-Ludwig-Str. 23

86911 Diessen am Ammersee

May 25 – 27, 2018


Organised by Meera Art Foundation, Munich, together with Tanzstudio Ammersee

The exhibition is open daily from 10 am to 9.30 pm. Free Entrance.


In addition one can join the following events:

Friday, May 25

10 – 12 am:

Opening: Awaken Your Creative Potential with Svagito Liebermeister

Using systemic constellations and somatic experiencing we gain insights about what is preventing

us to live our creative potential and how to overcome such hindrances.

2.30 – 5 pm

Breathing, Moving and Painting with Viramano Wermund

Relax into your true self, play with colours and meet the innocence and curiosity of a child.

5.30 – 6.30 pm

Kundalini Meditation

8.30 pm

Multimedia introduction of the work and art of Meera Hashimoto (free entrance)

Saturday, May 26

10 – 12 am

Dance and Creativity – Dancing from Inside with Chetan Karla Bosak

Through dance we will explore our creativity and aliveness.

2.30 – 5 pm

Portrait Painting – Meet Yourself in the Other with Sahaja Kunkunate (Italy)

We paint an energy portrait of another person. In the mirror of the other we meet our own inner

beauty and uniqueness.

5.30 – 6.30 pm

Kundalini Meditation

From 9 pm

Dance Party with Chetan and team (free entrance)

Sunday, May 27

10 – 11 am

Satsang Meditation with Live Music

Afterwards breakfast brunch in the Blaues Haus Café

12.30 am – 2.30 pm

Appreciating the Unknown: Creativity that does not come from the head

with Svagito Liebermeister

With some excercises and guided meditations we find our ’yes’ to life. We learn about let go and

how to open to unknown and sometimes painful challenges (personal questions are welcome).

3 – 5 pm

The River of Life with Viramano Wermund

In a meditative way we will experience the difference between swimming against the river or

drifting in the stream. Accordingly we will feel either exhaustion and frustration or joy and


5.15 pm

Ending and Acknowledgements


Per event: € 30

Satsang: € 10

Kundalini Meditation: € 5

Day price: € 50

For 3 days: € 120

Donations are welcome and will be credited to the Meera Art Foundation.

Information and booking (appreciated):

Chetan Karla Bosak, Tanzstudio Ammersee:

Tel +49 8144 989918 und +49 170 2962736 /

Doris Schneider, Meera Art Foundation:

Tel +49 179 1490273 /

For visitors who wish to stay overnight there are various hotels available in Diessen am Ammersee

or nearby.

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Meera Painting Training Amalurra, Spain
3:30 pm15:30

Meera Painting Training Amalurra, Spain

At the end of the first week of the Meera Painting Training we did a celebration for Meera, where we let go of some of her ashes into the little creek, where she used to paint. It was so touching and so beautiful to be in Amalurra and paint there with all those loving people. Sahaja, Ojas, Premraj and Tosho did a great job in leading the course and the helper team was also phantastic, just like everyone gave his best. I feel so grateful about the way it all happened.
Every year the trees waited for Meera to come and paint them. Now they will not need to wait, she is always around and so many beautiful souls will continue to paint them.
(All photos thanks to Bodhitara!)

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Painting Workshop in Oslo & Denmark
3:30 pm15:30

Painting Workshop in Oslo & Denmark

After a presentation in Oslo I was actually leading my first half day painting workshop at Osho Risk, Denmark. I can't believe that I even did a small painting demonstration. Meera must have giggled behind my back. I used to be in the audience in her Demos, now she was in the audience with a big smile!
It all went so well and people were so beautiful. Maybe I will drop being a therapist from now........

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