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Primal Painting in Italy

at Osho Miasto in Italy

These courses are continuation of Meera's work, inspired by her clear vision of meditation, painting and therapy, developed through continuous spiritual quest and total devotion to Osho.

Among the courses she created “Primal Painting” is the master key to original expression. Everybody longs for original and authentic expression and yet so few people allow this magical experience in their life. There are so many erroneous beliefs on creativity and on so called artists. We don’t realize that by trying to be somebody, we are going far away from our authenticity. In this group our approach is from the opposite end, how to unlearn what we think we know and learn how to be playful and spontaneous.

Creating one’s own being is the priority. 

Different methods like:

  • sensory-awareness

  • bioenergetics

  • dance

  • meditations

are used daily.

Once one gets in touch with one’s own energy source, painting is just a reflection of joy and innocence.

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