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OSHO Art Therapy & Painting Training

  • Hotel Rural Amalurra Bº La Reneja 35 48879 Arzentales Spain (map)

Meera held trainings every summer in Amalurra since 2005. So when we come to Amalurra we walk in the footsteps of the hundreds of others that have painted here before us. We step into a field of creativity and awareness that has been built over more than a decade.

This is an 11 day Art Therapy and Painting training in Amalurra, in the heart of the beautiful Basque country in northern Spain. This is an opportunity for total immersion in Primal Painting, Self Portrait and Nature Painting over two weeks.

Our adventure begins with Primal Painting which introduces the basic psychology of creativity. Meera once explained her view of conscious art and the practice of Primal Painting like this::

“I want art to be more ordinary, more a part of everybody's life, so I teach people to paint like a child. In the early years, a child's creativity contains no fear, no anxiety about the opinions and judgements of others. His only concern is to have fun. That's the essential starting point: helping people recapture their creative expression. Once people start experiencing the simple joy of painting, then everybody can express themselves through art - there are no exceptions.....Once you take away the fear that what you are doing is wrong, then there is only adventure.”

This is followed by 3 days of self portrait. A process developed by Meera to touch our inner being in a vibrant and sensitive way. A process which brings us in contact with our inner strength and beauty. Along the way we include the practice of portrait painting in a joyous and loving way to build connection and understanding. In the final week we paint in the gardens, orchard and “jungle” nature of Amalurra.. Outside we experience the raw spirit of this beautiful place and add our own colours to the masterpiece that nature has already created here with the river, trees and plants. Facing nature like this gives us an insight into our own growth.

Our emphasis is always on building awareness of our patterns and connecting to our own nature. Painting can be a mirror to see your unconscious motivations and tendencies. The magic of creativity can help release what you hold deep in your heart. By watching what the painting presents to us we can unlock authentic expression and in this simple process beauty may visit our painting.

These 2 weeks are a unique chance to reconnect with the childlike innocence of the being through painting, meditation and group work. and participate in a training event presented by facilitators and staff who worked with Meera over many years.

This is a training designed to teach people how to discover their own creativity and to grow through painting. In the same process we investigate ourselves and get to know our inner world in detail. Besides painting we use meditation, dance, group therapy, specific partner exercises and therapeutic techniques to re-discover our playfulness and joy of expression. No prior experience of painting is required simply a willingness to look within and explore our depth with an open heart and mind

Part 1 July 22 to 27: Primal Painting and Self Portrait: Building on the essentials.

Part 2 July 29 to August 2: Transformation in Nature: The inner experience of painting outside in nature.

Both weeks may be booked separately.

The training is presented in English with Spanish translation provided

Facilitated by Tosho, Premraj, Sahaja, Ojas and Svagito