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OSHO Meditative Art Intensive in India

  • OSHO International Meditation Resort 17 Koregaon Park Pune MS 411 001 INDIA (map)
……..painting really is a mirror. When you join a group like this, you see both your normal behaviour and your hidden qualities – the inner voices calling you, asking for your help to be released.
— Meera Hashimoto from the book “Dancing into the Unknown”

Inspired by OSHO this training was developed by Meera over nearly 40 years. It brings together her unique approach to art and art therapy during a 23 day intensive. It will be facilitated by a team who assisted Meera over many years and still continue to share her work in many parts of the world.

We will paint outside on a marble platform in the shadows of the bamboos surrounding the Buddha Grove. As we deepen our meditation the focus is not on learning technical painting skills, but somehow painting skills follow like a shadow as we allow ourselves to surrender into the process of the training.

The creative process can not only be enjoyed as an activity, but the same creative process may also be used to examine and deal with life issues. No other medium can penetrate so directly into our unconscious as the process of painting a picture.

Our journey will begin with Primal Painting which looks at the basic psychology of creativity and what prevents us from true creative expression. In Self Portrait we make a deep investigation of inner beauty and take a close look at our resistance to encountering ourselves. Through dance we approach the difficulty of painting the human figure and introduce this subject in a playful and joyous way which makes us question our relationship with our own body. In the last segment we examine our part in the nature that surrounds us. As we paint the trees and plants we reconnect with a forgotten part of ourselves that can only be rediscovered through the world of nature.

The training will end with an exhibition and performance which will celebrate life and creativity.

The individual parts are: 

Primal Painting: Awakening Your Potential Jan 10 - 12, 2019

Self Portrait: Mirroring of Your Being Jan 15 - 17, 2019

Painting Your Dance: The Birth of Creativity Jan 20 - 22, 2019

Nature Painting Jan 25 - 27, 2019

Art Performance & Exhibition Feb 3

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