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Meera Art Exhibition in Germany

Painting Exhibition and Events on Creativity and Self Expression


Blaues Haus, Prinz-Ludwig-Str. 23

86911 Diessen am Ammersee

May 25 – 27, 2018


Organised by Meera Art Foundation, Munich, together with Tanzstudio Ammersee

The exhibition is open daily from 10 am to 9.30 pm. Free Entrance.


In addition one can join the following events:

Friday, May 25

10 – 12 am:

Opening: Awaken Your Creative Potential with Svagito Liebermeister

Using systemic constellations and somatic experiencing we gain insights about what is preventing

us to live our creative potential and how to overcome such hindrances.

2.30 – 5 pm

Breathing, Moving and Painting with Viramano Wermund

Relax into your true self, play with colours and meet the innocence and curiosity of a child.

5.30 – 6.30 pm

Kundalini Meditation

8.30 pm

Multimedia introduction of the work and art of Meera Hashimoto (free entrance)

Saturday, May 26

10 – 12 am

Dance and Creativity – Dancing from Inside with Chetan Karla Bosak

Through dance we will explore our creativity and aliveness.

2.30 – 5 pm

Portrait Painting – Meet Yourself in the Other with Sahaja Kunkunate (Italy)

We paint an energy portrait of another person. In the mirror of the other we meet our own inner

beauty and uniqueness.

5.30 – 6.30 pm

Kundalini Meditation

From 9 pm

Dance Party with Chetan and team (free entrance)

Sunday, May 27

10 – 11 am

Satsang Meditation with Live Music

Afterwards breakfast brunch in the Blaues Haus Café

12.30 am – 2.30 pm

Appreciating the Unknown: Creativity that does not come from the head

with Svagito Liebermeister

With some excercises and guided meditations we find our ’yes’ to life. We learn about let go and

how to open to unknown and sometimes painful challenges (personal questions are welcome).

3 – 5 pm

The River of Life with Viramano Wermund

In a meditative way we will experience the difference between swimming against the river or

drifting in the stream. Accordingly we will feel either exhaustion and frustration or joy and


5.15 pm

Ending and Acknowledgements


Per event: € 30

Satsang: € 10

Kundalini Meditation: € 5

Day price: € 50

For 3 days: € 120

Donations are welcome and will be credited to the Meera Art Foundation.

Information and booking (appreciated):

Chetan Karla Bosak, Tanzstudio Ammersee:

Tel +49 8144 989918 und +49 170 2962736 /

Doris Schneider, Meera Art Foundation:

Tel +49 179 1490273 /

For visitors who wish to stay overnight there are various hotels available in Diessen am Ammersee

or nearby.