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Creativity for kids & Parents in Italy

At Osho MIASTO in Italy

With Svagito, Sahaja, Ojas

Meera is suddenly gone, but she is still here with us, in the depth of our hearts. In line with her vision her work will continue.

Her workshops will continue in Miasto, first of all the work with children and parents "Creativity and Innocence", where in addition to her team of historical assistants, Svagito will also be present, an expert in Family Constellations, who for many years has coordinated the Osho Therapist Training in Pune, India.

These workshops are dedicated to her and her generosity for giving us a vision so clear about meditation, painting and therapy developed through constant spiritual quest and a total devotion to Osho.

This group is designed to bring love and awareness into family life.

The parents and the children sharing the space of creativity is so precious. By painting with children you will remember the forgotten language of spontaneous expression.

What Osho calls Creativity is not coming out of your mind but out of joy and innocence. And once you bridge to this innocent space in you, you will bridge to the very heart of your child.

We dance, we play and we meditate.

So come and join the caravan of Osho Love, playfulness and, Osho Life in Miasto where you can taste of osho's work directly.

Children can join the group along with parents, relatives or teachers.

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