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Cherry Blossom Painting Training in Noto Japan

  • 能登町, 石川県, 927-0562 日本 (map)

Cherry Blossom Painting Training 2019

Painting and Meditation Retreat in Noto Japan

ペインティングトレーニング in 能登 2019

The focus of this training is nature painting under the fully bloomed cherry trees.

This time of the year is very special when mystery of nature is revealed with its life energy bursting into flowering. There, essence of meditation and creativity will be overflowing.



When you paint with meditation, what you have in front of you is not just nature, but a master who reveals to you mystery of existence. For that, you will prepare yourself with active mediations, dance, and therapy work. Also, you will experience primal painting, black and white painting in darkness, painting with small papers, etc., through which, along with other exercises, you will explore your essential nature inside.




Facilitators are Henna, Bhaven and Tosho. Henna was with Meera for more than two decades and has established reputation for her self-portrait work. Bhaven graduated from the same art university as Meera and has been exploring his own art as well as working with Meera for many years. He facilitated art groups in Pune. Tosho facilitated part of Pune training this year and is a translator of “Reawakening of Art” written by Meera.

This will be a unique training where 3 facilitators will share their own individualities and experiences to present Meera’s work in its multidimensionality.

Along with us, Svagito, who was Meera’s partner and is an expert of various kinds of therapy work such as family constellation, star sapphire and was a coordinator of OSHO therapist training in Pune for years, will join us as a guest and will share his understanding and experiences.

このトレーニングをファシリテートするのは、セルフポートレートのワークでは定評のあるヘナ。ミラの著書「瞑想アート」の翻訳者でもあり、プネーやスペインでのトレーニングもファシリテートしているトーショー。長年ミラのワークをサポートするとともに自身のアートを探究し続け、プネーでもペインティンググループ ファシリテート経験のあるバヴェンの3人です。




The place training will be held is Noto where Meera was born and grown up. Originally this training was planned by herself. Many of her cherry blossom painting are the subject of cherry blossom of Noto. The hotel is located on a hill overlooking the sea. It has hundreds of cherry trees in its backyard. Luckily not so many people visit the place even during the time of cherry blossom and it is virtually left only to us to enjoy its full beauty. The hotel welcomes us with its gorgeous meals prepared with local, fresh fish and vegetables. It also has a natural hot spring.