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I first trained with Meera in 2005 and most years afterwards until 2017. I have been a regular member of her assistant team in India, Spain and Italy and now run many creative processes.

I enjoy finding awareness in play and dance and bringing this energy of spontaneity into the practice of painting. I have completed the Star Sapphire Male-Female Energywork Training and love helping people to express of their male and female energy through art.

Another passion of mine is Creative Storytelling. I was the co-director of the world famous Cape Clear Island International Storytelling Festival for 5 years and am a member of two storytelling groups in Ireland  "What's the Story?" and "Story O". 



The first time I participated Meera`s Creativity Caravan was in Pune in 1994.

Since then I have been painting with Meera as a helper, assistant and co-facilitator in India and Japan.

I have held my painting solo or group workshops and held exhibitions many times in Japan.

I especially like to share the self-portrait workshop which is a deep process that moves to the very soul of the human experience.



I was born in Tokyo, Japan and after studying at Musashino Art University in Tokyo I worked in the field of Modern Art until I met Osho. I then stopped painting for a while and started learning meditation.

My work is based on Meera’s understanding and Osho’s vision about creativity and meditation and how to live one's life fully. 




I first trained with Meera in 2011 and regularly assisted her in Spain, Italy, Sweden and India since that time.

I graduated in painting from the Academy of fine arts of Florence, master in cooperative-learning in education.

I am a teacher of graphic design and photography and I curate projects for young talents in Italy.

I was participating in solo and group exhibitions until I became frustrated by the contemporay art system.

The casual meeting with Meera was crucial and I found in her teaching what I was missing: meditation, a total revolution of my art and life.

For me, everyone is an artist and I believe there is no division between artist and non-artist. I love to work in groups and support others in their creative transformation.


Kantu Kikut

I was born in Japan and currently live in Norway. I studied law and child welfare and realised quickly that there was nothing I could teach to children but rather that I could learn more from them.

I dropped my career and looking for some deeper contentment in life, I met Osho in 2000. During that time, I met Meera and was impressed how her teachings could open people to their own creative potential. I have assisted Meera´s painting trainings for over a decade in India and Europe.

I am trained in various Osho meditation and therapeutic techniques such as Gurdjieff Movements, .ARUN Conscious Touch and Family Constellation.

I love to work with children and parents using body, heart and mind to explore their creative expression.

I also love cooking, dancing and ceramic art.



My inner journey began after experiencing cancer twice and after the death of my sister. I then began inner work and meditation.

I first met with Meera in Japan in 2009 and participated in her OSHO Art Therapist Training in India.  Since then I have been assisting Meera’s courses every year in India and Japan.

One of Meera's many gifts to me was that on our last day in 2017, she told me "your expression is painting ,without any talk, through your silence and painting, people feel and learn something from you!"

I also give KOBIDO® Japanese Traditional Facial Massage and whenever I am in Japan I immerse myself in painting.




I worked with Meera first time in 2008 and then trained with her in 2009. Since then, I assisted her many times  in Pune and Turkey and translated her book, 'The Awakening of Art' into Turkish.  

I studied Fine Arts in Alfred University, New York and worked as a photographer for some magazines after graduation. But  I was almost afraid to paint for many years because somewhere along the way, I had lost the joy and spontaneity along with knowledge of technique and a very critical eye that I had developed with my art education that almost paralysed me. With Meera, I regained the spontaneity, innocence and joy of not only painting but also dancing, playing and connecting with people through playfulness.  I came to understand how our creative energy is so close to our life energy and witnessed many people opening up to life when they were ready to open up to their creativity. 

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Sonya Macri

Primal Painting with Children



Having a frail health ever since I was a child led me to alternative medicines very early in my life and was the starting point to a path of personal search. I discovered Osho active meditations and various therapeutic approaches that work on body and mind. In Japan, I studied Ito Thermie, Acupuncture, Acupressure and Soutai.
At the OSHO International Meditation Resort, in India I learned holistic massage, Core Integration and became a facilitator of meditative therapies.
Since 1998 I trained with Meera in OSHO Master Painting and OSHO Art Therapy and became part of her assistant team.
I work from the vision that body and mind are a unity and that art is a bridge to our inner nature. It helps us rediscover the joy of living. Through every approach I offer, those who seek for my help can reconnect with the forces of life. A rebirth is possible and life appears as juicy, fun and filled with beauty!


Prem Raj



I am a graduate of philosophy from Kyoto University. I became Osho’s disciple in 1981 and met Meera and her art in the early 90’s. I was touched and inspired by her paintings as well as herself. In the last 25 years I have been part of her trainings many times and more recently have both assisted and lead parts of the Osho Art Therapist Training.

Along with my many years of professional expertise in Subtle Body, kinesiology and counseling through the heart (ELC), I began leading courses in painting according to Meera’s teachings. As one of Meera’s certified teachers, I now co-lead the meditative painting courses in Spain and Pune.